Our role is to understand the challenges and to establish a plan combining strategy and technology. Our goal is to enable our customers to eliminate or mitigate irritants and provide it with essential tools to meet challenges and achieve its business objectives.

Our vision

Since the early 90s, information technology has been a great progress they have become part of everyday life. Once prized by large organizations for its critical information storage capacities ranging from safeguarding trade secrets to integrated financial management to sales cycles and governance, these technologies are now available through a variety Popular tools and services. The way we communicate, play, entertain us, inform us and manage our lives and our organizations is subject to constant technological transformation.

At Cami-Web, we believe in the democratization of this economic and social power. This power is available and essential to any organization dedicated to its growth, its evolution, its security and its reputation. Cami-Web's mission is to educate SMEs and enable it to take all the technological benefits through solutions that make sense both strategically and financially.

Cami-Web is a technology partner that stands out for its approach and service offering. We care about the small and medium enterprise because they comprise the essential economic fabric of our society and our cultural identity.

Doing business with a passionate team by information and communication technologies, with the necessary expertise to integrate and support enterprise-class IT solutions makes all the difference in the architecture and implementation of solutions. The evolution of information technology has democratized and made available large solutions that were once the sole scope of large corporations.

Why CAMI-WEB team ?

  • We are attentive to your needs and expectations;
  • We assist you in your efforts;
  • Ensuring that you maintain your independence;
  • Our team is available to support you;
  • Engaged, attentive and positive;
  • Added value partnerships.

Cami-Web, a trusted team for your technological needs.

Our mission: Helping SMEs to increase their efficiency and profitability by taking advantage of simple and affordable technologies to provide reliable and high quality services to our customers.
Stephane Benoit - President and founder